About Us


The mission statement of Deaf Advocates for Lives of Integrity without Violence through Empowerment (DeafALIVE) is:

To provide advocacy services, professional information, educational, referral advocacy services to diverse populations of deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened victims of domestic violence in Indiana.


Across Indiana, the overall organization goals of DeafALIVE are to:

  • Provide and promote Domestic Violence/Sexual Awareness through community outreach
  • Provide resources and empowerment to community members, partners, and survivors to support the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing survivors
  • Provide services and programs to ALL Deaf and hard of hearing survivors regardless of a person’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability(ies), economic status, and/or education


The DeafALIVE Board is comprised of 9 members who bring diverse skills, experience, and backgrounds to the organization. Board composition consists of over 66% people who are themselves deaf and/or hard of hearing whom serve voluntarily on the Board.

The board is required to meet at least 6 times per calendar year and serve at least one committee. Operational duties of the board include committee work such as participating in standing and ad hoc committee. Committees include, not only limited to, fundraising, finance, legislative, governance, and special events.

DeafALIVE offers a wide variety of fundraising events such as the annual Pancake Breakfast, 5K Walk, The Vagina Monologues, and exhibition booth at the annual Parents Teacher Counselors Organization (PTCO) Day at Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD).

DeafALIVE has presented several workshops at the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) to high school students on the dynamics of domestic violence and teen dating.